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Sublimez votre espace avec un cendrier style cristal vintage

Invite the charm of yesteryear into your home with our stunning cendrier style cristal vintage, a piece that marries classic aesthetics with finesse. Its transparent nature, adorned with delicate golden touches, ensures it catches the eye of guests, offering both elegance and a nod to traditional décor.

Un mélange d’élégance et de fonctionnalité

Not just a statement piece, this cendrier serves as a functional item for smokers who have a penchant for vintage-flavored décor. It effortlessly integrates into vintage-inspired surroundings, adding that much-coveted old-world charm to any room.

Design à la fois chic et utile

Our cendrier is more than just good looks; it’s made of crystal, elevating it beyond a simple accessory to become a standout decorative item. Its ample storage capacity is perfect for containing cigarette ends and ash, and the cendrier is a breeze to clean with a splash of water. Plus, with various models available, you’re sure to find the perfect match to compliment your home’s vintage theme.

  • Made with high-quality glass
  • Features transparent design with elegant gilding

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