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Dive into the marine world with our serene and uniquely crafted cendrier coquillage. It effortlessly enhances your home decor, bringing the essence of the ocean into your space, and offers a delightful convenience to smokers during their relaxing moments.

Embrace the ocean with a cendrier coquillage

Designed to mimic an empty seashell, this cendrier coquillage not only serves as a functional piece for smokers but also as a charming reminder of sunny beach days. Its meticulous design ensures it complements any setting. Constructed from ceramic, cleaning is a breeze—just a splash of water will do! The ashtray boasts ample space for ash and cigarette butts, which means less frequent emptying for you. Plus, its uneven edge provides a handy rest for your cigarette when you need to step away. Isn’t that convenient?

Key features:

  • Crafted from ceramic
  • Seashell design
  • Available in blue or white

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